Fish menu


Kitchen Chef Michael Hackl invites you to a

5 course Gala Menu „Fish & more“


                                                                                              Warm Char Ceviché
                                                                                on marinated potato and our own caviar

                                                                                           Frothy Smoked Trout Soup
                                                                                               with Wan Tan fennel

                                                                                   Salad Buffet with fine vinegars & oils,
                                                                                    a selection of dressings & marinades

                                                                   Lake Char Rolls on kohlrabi cream, peas, vanilla and crayfish

                                                                                    Smoked Salmon Trout on grapefruit,
                                                                                             pumpkin and artichokes

                                                                              A duet of sweet chestnuts and cocoa beans

€ 49,-- per person
(cover charge € 2,50 per person)

We look forward to your visit!
Table reservations are required: 02664-8181or under