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Superbob an innovative facility will enrich the leisure facilities at Zauberberg Semmering.

The most modern facility in Austria, a world first, gives the guests at Zauberberg a very special feeling. To ride the mountain alone, or in pairs, as in doubles is space for two adults. Curves in the smallest possible radius of 5 meters.

A special and innovative new pendulum system for a very special gliding.
With a wonderful panoramic view of the magic mountains!

The start and finish of the superbob are in the range of mountain station Zau [: ber:] g gondola.
Thus, the nature of the mountain can be felt at every departure. This allows to enjoy the magnificent view and the symbiosis of nature and technology, experience feeling of freedom and security as you glide through the seasons and moods.

Combined cards with mountain ride are available at the box office of the cable cars! Solo travel by superbob directly to the superbob-spot!

950 m length 21 turns 40 km / h! Superbob the recreational fun for all ages!

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Superbob track at Zauberberg