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"To try Panhans"
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With our offer "To try Panhans" we provide our guests the possibility to go on culinary exploratory expedition and to get to know the new culinary line of the Panhans hotel. The kitchen team focuses on high-quality foodstuff, mainly from the local suppliers, put with inspiration, creative feel and love to the details.

We present an extract from „10 dishes finger food“ - the new culinary line - each Thursday.
Exquisite lusciousness is arranged in a special, ingenious form and is served.

How does  T T P „To Try Panhans“  work?

Our guests receive a menu card with 10 dishes, as well as 10 single cards.  Soups, fish and meat variations as well as desserts are presented for the choice according to the taste and gusto. The single dishes and a set of dishes can be chosen by the guest by note in the respective card. Every guest notes the desired dish with a number on the card, the order occurs through throw-in card in a box. Every card calls a dish. The guest may order as long, until his cards are used up. Therefore the restaurant visit combines "interactivity" and provides surprise effects and a cheerful evening! Let you be inspired!

10 dishes Finger food:  A many-faceted, culinary performance!

Price for guests, who don’t live in the hotel: € 26,-- per person
Dinner:  € 2,50 per person

Dinner consists of:  spread and bread
Open hours of the restaurant:  18.00 – 21.00 o’clock

To reserve the table for Thursdays please call:  02664/8181 or

The offer is not bookable within the scope of the half board.

Vouchers: We offer vouchers, especially for "T T P", for restaurant visits on Thursdays!
                   We dispatch the vouchers in noble gift briefcase with information about the hotel.

We look forward to your visit!

TTP - "To try Panhans"