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Smovey moving - introductory days in Zauberberg

Small rings – with a big effect
Smovey moving - introductory days in Zauberberg

The warmer time of the year is approaching which brings the lust for movement again. A fresh kick for the summer months!
With smovey you’ll awaken a new and vibrating zest for life!
Move yourself in a lively way – this is a revolutionary fitness exercising device in Semmering which incorporates movement and therapy.

Two medium sized rings weighing half a kilo and which vibrate with every swing when you move them. The Smoveys don’t look very spectacular, but they have an amazing effect. This method of training increases your range of movement and increases the toning and energising effects in the body.  The Smoveys are suitable for all age groups and for different types of training methods both indoors and outdoors.

For the Smovey introductory days we have 2 smoveyCOACHES in Panhans as guests, and they will demonstrate the philosophy behind the smoveys for Hotel guests.

The advantages of movement with Smovey rings are:

97% of the all the muscles in the body are activated, the musculature is strengthened; body cells  are vitalised, calorie burn is increased, tension is released and the lymph system is activated.

Swing with us around the Semmering! The rings are available for guests in the programme.
Enjoy wellness & wellbeing, as well as exquisite cuisine from the Haube awarded kitchens!

The offer is bookable for one night or two nights:

1 night package:

13.-14.6. or 27./28.6.2015    

1 night in a double room with view to the Sonnwendstein with buffet breakfast and half board, smovey programme at Sporthotel Semmering: 

Price in a single room    € 125,--
Price for a double room €  90,-- per person

2 night package:

12.-14.6.2015 or 26.-28.6.2015

2 nights in a double room with view to the Sonnwendstein with buffet breakfast and half board, smovey programme at Sporthotel Semmering: 

Price in a single room    € 250,--
Price for a double room € 180,-- per person

Programme course at Sporthotel 
(programme may change)


  Start 10:30 – 11:30

  Präsentation smovey
  Effectivness and benefits

  11:30 – 12:00

  Swinging with smoveys
  Easy movement exercises to practice,
  get the feeling, get used to ist, swinging
  with smoveys

  14:00 – 15:30

  swing move & smile
  smovey basics
  Turning in and walking step exercises


  smovey questions and answers


  10:30 – 12:00

  smovey practise
Different exercises (indoor)                

  13:30 – 15:00

  smovey movement training
  smovey walking (outdoor)
  alternative in bad weather
  smovey Aqua

  15:00 – 16:00

  smovey questions and answers


arrangement for 1 night
Doppelzimmer für 2 Personen (pro Person) € 90,--
Doppelzimmer zur Einzelnutzung € 125,--
Gerne nehmen wir Ihre Anfrage entgegen! Mailanfrage oder 02664/8181

Angegebene Preise sind in € (EUR), inkl. aller Steuern, exklusive Ortstaxe. Angaben ohne Gewähr. Druckfehler und Preisänderungen vorbehalten.

Overall arrangements

Alle angegebenen Preise sind in € (EUR), pro Person und inklusive:
  • reichhaltigem Buffetfrühstück im Wert von Euro 15,--
  • 5gängigem Abendessen im Wert von Euro 30,-- (oder Dinner je nach Arrangement)
  • der Benützung eines kuscheligen Bademantels und
  • der Freizeiteinrichtungen des 1000 m² großen Vital Clubs
  • (Sauna, Dampfbad, Whirlpool, Fitness Studio, u.v.m.)
  • Extra zu buchen: Mittags servieren wir ein 3gängiges Menü zum Preis von € 22,-
  • zuzüglich Ortstaxe € 2,20 pro Person und Nacht